Guest lecturer at Southampton Solent University

Dianne Edgar, MCIM, Chartered Marketer, of Insight Marketing Services has recently presented a guest lecture on “The market research process” to freshers (first year students) at the start of their Business Management degree course at the Business School of Southampton Solent University. This brief introduction was designed to help the students with a Hackathon, looking into the future requirements of Southampton as both a destination and a place to live.
Dianne began, as requested, by outlining her own business career. She recalled the milestones; being the first female graduate management trainee at Glaxo; working in Europe; and now running her own marketing and training business. She told of her mistakes as well as her successes, and highlighted the pluses and minuses of various decisions made throughout her career.
She then continued to outline how good market research is structured, with defined and agreed objectives, a step by step plan, data collection, analysis and presentation. She guided the students to look at the 2011 census for Southampton, and signposted useful demographic classification systems. Both desk research and primary research were explained, with useful pointers for the students to begin their own research project. Dianne supported the theory by illustration and examples taken from her own experience. She encouraged interaction from the audience by offering copies of her marketing e-books to the first three students who asked interesting questions.
Southampton Solent University offers 23,000 students over 200 qualifications in areas including business, art, design and technology. Gillian Saieva, Senior Lecturer in HRM at Southampton Solent Business School, who arranged the session, was pleased with the students’ response. “It is always good for our students to meet someone who has been there, done that, and is wearing the t-shirt. Dianne’s presentation was both motivational and informative – just what our new students need to help them make the most of their studies here.”
Dianne concluded, “I remember how scary it was beginning my own career, so was glad to help. The energy and enthusiasm of the students gave me lots of confidence that the University will deliver a strong cohort of skilled and innovative business leaders for the future.”