Established in 1992, Insight Marketing Services is an ethical marketing communications and marketing strategy business based in Christchurch, Dorset. Our clients from around the UK include B2B, B2C, public sector and not-for-profit organisations.  To help our customers win and retain profitable business, we provide three specialist areas of cost-effective marketing expertise:

Marketing strategy: Working out what marketing tools clients need to use,and in what order, depending on their business objectives, market sector and market position, is often the first step. We apply a combination of entrepreneurial skills, professional marketing knowledge, and sound business experience to develop a practical and usable marketing plan.  If it will add value, we conduct market research to understand buyer motivation, benchmark levels of customer satisfaction or identify market potential.  We put this together with a structured budget, linked to measurable results.

Marketing communications: Our media work has featured in trade, local, and national press, while our copywriting has wonthe Clear English Standard from the Plain Language Commission. More than 25 years’experience in marketing deliverables means we make marketing happen,throughpowerful web and brochure copy, feature articles, PR campaigns, building a positive reputation, exhibitions and events, house and customer journals, and direct mail.

Marketing training: To help clients apply marketing, sales and customer service techniques for themselves, we provide cost-effective skills transfer through small group workshops, one-to-one performance improvement coaching, as well asdistance learning.Our training is built on a combination of up to date theory, structured learning, and practical exercises, and can be tailored to address and remedy specific company issues. The full range of courses available can be found at our training web site

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