Call Centre and telemarketing operations – managing performance improvement

Today’s call centres are not the “dark satanic mills” of the 21st century, but workplaces where skilled staff engage in person to person conversations with customers or prospects who are considering a purchase or want a service. Telemarketing can play an important role in supporting your marketing to generate leads. Call centre operators are intelligent, personable and focused. We help them fine tune their skills, achieve their objectives and targets and enjoy their work, by:

  • Keeping staff on target through applied management and training skills. We have worked with several UK call centres using customised solutions, structuring their training, setting up on-going performance improvement programmes and building a continuous improvement ethos.
  • One-to-one coaching, facilitating individual staff to reflect on their attitudes and awareness, identifying and addressing knowledge gaps, and building increased confidence.
  • Helping teams get involved in goal setting and making action plans, and then apply their creativity to improve their methods of working. They see how to manage their own emotional states, and how to turn an “ok day” into an excellent day.                         

“John is trying to apply his newly acquired skills and felt it was useful. Beverley felt it was helpful. Sian has already achieved her full year target, Karen is doing fine and Denise has left - her replacement Neil may benefit from your time.”

Jeremy Procter, Managing Director, Procter Bros Ltd