Public Relations

Building a valuable consistent reputation

From politicians to playgroups, and businesses to bands, PR is an essential tool in the lives of any organisation which wants to present the most favourable point of view. The local reputation of a business can have a significant impact, not only on its customers and suppliers but also recruitment and retention of staff. We help businesses:

  • To identify a good story, news or feature, write a press release, work with journalists, and anticipate and deal with potential crises.
  • To use PR cost-effectively, to achieve a sustained positive result, and turn their publics and employees into their most enthusiastic ambassadors.
  • Prepare a PR plan, highlighting the relevant publics, and evaluate the best ways to reach them.
  • Develop relationships with the media, and become the “industry expert”.
  • Take control of their own PR, briefing journalists or PR professionals, helping them to achieve increased awareness and positioning at a fraction of the cost.
  • Interview and write interesting and varied case studies which can be recycled in newsletters, as sales support material, on the website, and in brochure material. Our international team of writers has extensive experience in interviewing clients and generating interesting and varied case studies.
  • Anticipate and handle a PR crisis. When your business is facing a crisis, it is not the best time to start building relationships and sending out panic press releases. As part of any disaster recover plan, a crisis pr action plan is needed. We help businesses anticipate potential crises, make a plan, and rehearse it so that if the worst happens, your staff are prepared.
  • Develop expertise and confidence dealing with the media. Through our associates, we offer media training with experienced journalists from press, radio and TV, to provide company spokespersons with the tools needed to get a message across. It’s much less scary if you are prepared and in control!

“Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets”

Napoleon 1, 1815