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Why small business owners need a sounding board

There’s no doubt that running a small business is exciting – that’s why so many people do it. But it can also be lonely, even though you may be surrounded by staff, friends and family. With the best will in the world, everybody has an angle, whether it’s keeping you safe, bringing you in to their enthusiasms, or even absolute belief in your abilities, so you start to believe you cannot make a mistake.

It’s one thing to write a business plan, or a marketing plan, but in the day to day pressure of keeping customers happy, keeping in charge of the finances, and making the most of technology, it is very easy to lose sight of the initial vision and goals.

A performance coach will help you to look at your business objectively, so that you understand why you’re doing things that way, and where you could do things differently or better. A good performance coach will be objective, hold your feet to the fire if necessary, challenge you on your decision-making processes, and help you to move your business forward in the direction of your choice.

As marketing is one of the key areas where many small businesses lack expertise, a background in that subject can add considerable value, without the overheads. Helping you sort out what is working and what isn’t, and most importantly, why, can save you measurable time and money, far in excess of the cost of such guidance. However, such guidance needs to be appropriate, relevant and objective. It also needs to be a continuous process of improvement.

Dianne Edgar, MA, MCIM, Chartered Marketer, has run successful businesses for more than 25 years, made plenty of mistakes and learnt from most of them. She is a qualified performance coach (NCFE) who regularly works with small businesses to help them achieve their objectives. She does not judge, but will help you tease out for yourself your own plan of action, and support you to implement it successfully. Contact her now on 01425 279279 or email [email protected]