49 Top Marketing Tips

Put power into your marketing by checking out the following:

Marketing Planning

1. Quantify your marketing objectives

2. Budget for time and finances to achieve them

3. Identify what else you need to know

4. Manage the process all the way

5. Review and adjust on a rolling basis

“Management by objectives works-if you know the objectives. Ninety percent of the time you don’t.” 

Peter F Drucker


6. Do it for response or awareness, and always make it easy to respond

7. Measure before and after to see if it works

8. Avoid one-off advertisements- a series works better

9. Check what your customers/prospects actually read before booking space

10. Bigger is not better- go for an early right hand corner

Direct Mail

11. Use a clean list - business lists change by 30% each year, consumers by 20%.

12. Make a good offer- give them a reason to contact you

13. Use AIDA in your letter, and have more “yous” than “mes”

14. Attract attention by a question/ challenge/statement/lumpy envelope

15. Be aware of the best time for a positive response

Customer Newsletters/e-newsletters

16. Give your customers more information about you, in an easy to digest format

17. Tell happy customer stories – they are more credible than simple claims

18. Introduce your people- people buy people

19. Re-cycle PR stories

20. Use involvement techniques like competitions and response to your website


21. Plan using cost/benefit matrix

22. Quantify other benefits- list gathering, competitor information, awareness

23. Think of your exhibition stand as combined stage/retail shop

24. Use involvement devices

25. Train staff to identify level of interest/competitor and follow up promptly


26. Use to demonstrate new products/ services

27. Mix clients/prospects

28. Link with trade magazine for more publicity

29. Invite hands-on interaction

30. Develop your networking skills

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.” 

Peter F Drucker


31. Think carefully how your website will be used

32. Consider your target audience

33. Apply the “30 second attention” test

34. Check out what websites the competition have

35. Keep it current

Sales Promotion

36. Use when product/service is mature or a commodity

37. Use when competing for market share

38. If using competitions, make it look easy to win

39. Even sophisticated business people like appropriate free gifts

40. BOGOF - “Buy One, Get One Free” helps move stock to your timetable

Public Relations

41. Worth up to 5 times the credibility of advertising

42. Identify your key publics and influencers

43. Tailor the message to your reader

44. Planned and consistent works harder for you

45. Apply the yawn factor -would you read it if it were not about you? 

Putting it all Together

46. Log sources of inquiries accurately

47. Use most cost effective first, least cost effective last

48. Measure everything in term of return

49. Call Insight Marketing Services to help - Tel: 01425 279279 or Email: [email protected]