Marketing Support

Making it happen 

For businesses that know where they are going, we provide an agreed level of marketing support and facilitation to make things happen. It’s like having an experienced all-round marketing manager, just when you want one, without the overheads.

Because of our experience and knowledge of our customer’s businesses and markets, we provide practical help to get all those marketing jobs done. Working with an in-house team or external suppliers, we can provide both guidance and hands-on action for:

  • Innovation
  • Objective process analysis
  • Exhibition back-up
  • Researching new markets
  • Running test marketing
  • Case studies and press stories
  • Presentations
  • Product launches
  • Structuring the sales force for increased results
  • Maximising contact centre effectiveness
  • Target setting
  • Staff training
  • Market positioning
  • Brand values and awareness
  • Simplifying complex product offerings
  • Bundling and unbundling
  • Developing networking opportunities
  • Copy writing

Having ideas is only part of the story; being able to prioritise and implement the best ones and keep doing it, is what turns ideas into profits.

“God is not on the side of the big battalions, but the best shots”