Market Research

Finding out why customers buy, or don’t buy

Our skill lies in designing, phrasing and structuring the right questions to obtain the accurate information clients require, without confusion or complication. Having gathered the information, our team completes the analysis, and provide detailed Reports, with conclusions and considered recommendations, to help clients make better decisions.

Time spent in reconnaissance is never wasted. Companies that take marketing seriously carry out regular research, to find out who their most profitable customers are, who they could be, and what they want.

If you don’t know what you need to know, it is much harder to make good marketing decisions. Sometimes the findings reinforce what you first thought; sometimes they suggest completely new directions.

Insight Marketing Services has carried out a number of research projects, in both public and private sectors, including:

  • Pre-launch new product and service testing
  • Brand values and corporate identity awareness
  • Market response awareness
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Staff product awareness surveys
  • Competitor analysis

We start by setting and agreeing objectives, look at sources and methods available, and put together an appropriate and knowledgeable team. Research can be by phone, face-to face, in the street (with permission), in store, by email, or desk research.

What the clients say:

“….thanks for your help in trying to encourage the water company into the age of marketing.”

Matthew Stammers, Marketing Manager, Bournemouth & West Hampshire Water

“This report is worth its weight in gold”

Martin Horsler, Building Guarantee Manager, Zurich Municipal