Ethical Marketing

Developing win-win relationships

Forward thinking businesses today are looking for more than just quick profits. They want a situation where the customer is engaged, everything is transparent and honest, and every claim can be substantiated, working towards longer term more profitable relationships. Smarter companies recognise the value of moving away from competition and aggressive bargaining towards a win-win situation, where each side understands the value of the continuing supply chain.

Insight Marketing Services offers the following benefits:

  • Clear written detailed quotes, setting out what we can do for a fair price, so that the client can budget more effectively.
  • Help to enable clients to differentiate themselves clearly from their competitors, and identify key benefits, reducing waste of materials and effort.
  • A broad range of skills and experience, in a variety of sectors, saving valuable client time, and reducing budgets.
  • Clear representation of our clients’ claims, reducing the risk of misunderstanding or not being seen by their customers.
  • Honest opinions, based on experience, of the effectiveness of different marketing tools, saving limited budgets.
  • Help to focus on customers as real people, in specific terms, to better understand their needs, and how the client can meet those needs, reducing waste of effort and money.
  • Practical help to make all the marketing work together in a coordinated plan, delivering a total greater than the sum of the parts.
  • Comprehensive understanding of the current market conditions, enabling us to recommend the most cost effective marketing methods for each client.
  • By taking a long-term view, we can help clients invest in the best solutions for future growth of their business, generating a better return.
  • Making your money work harder, through a cautious attitude towards spending, reinforced by a professionally qualified buyer [CIPS] on the team to ensure best value.

Here are some of our values:

  • We recognise that customers, suppliers and associates are as varied as the human race, and will always propose solutions which are inclusive and user friendly.
  • We will treat clients with respect, answering telephone calls and emails, attending meetings on time, maintaining communications at all levels, and confirming actions agreed in writing.
  • We will not make false claims on behalf of clients, nor will we distort any research findings, but suggest alternative solutions.
  • We are aware of our impact on the environment, and consciously reduce our carbon footprint where possible, by rethinking, reusing, and recycling.
  • As a business, we nominate a charity each year, providing services pro bono. We have worked with the Alzheimer’s Disease Society, [Malmesbury Branch], Malmesbury Hospital, Malmesbury School, Swindon Business Women’s Breakfast Club, Coastal Credit Union and The Square Rigger Club. We are currently working with the Prince’s Trust, and Young Enterprise.