Direct Mail

Targeting the right prospects with the right message

When you have a clearly identified target market, whether consumer or business, and you want to put your message in front of the customer, direct mail can the achieve positive results. Direct mail is the third largest advertising technique used in the UK. It is also one of the easiest to measure and monitor, so that you can continually improve it as you learn more about your customers.

According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) email marketing has stood strong during the recession thanks to its cost effectiveness, the measurability of its success and its return on investment (ROI). Direct mail still has a place in a brand’s marketing strategy, with response rates holding up.

We help businesses identify the right list for them. Very often, we are shown the “current database” which was last cleaned in 2004, and is updated irregularly. As business lists go out of date by around 30% every year, and consumer lists by 20%, we advise clients to examine their lists, of both customers and prospects carefully, and supplement them from a reliable professional list broker.

One useful technique is profiling your existing customer base. By looking at the data you have, and working out why they buy from you, you can select a cluster of people or organisations which have similar characteristics, and make relevant offers to them.

A good sales letter is not dashed off in a matter of moments. There are a number of useful formulae which will ensure you have covered all the important points, in the right order. We have been writing sales letters, both consumer and business to business, using NLP language for more than 25 years, and have achieved consistently good results. Our style is simple, enthusiastic and imaginative, selling everything from gym memberships to corporate insurance and credit cards.

Of course, direct mail should always include a call to action, which you can enhance and support by an outbound telephone campaign- see our telemarketing page for more details.

“I can see that you have had fun with producing this letter – I think it is great. I will be really surprised if we do not get any enquiries from this.”

Fiona Whitehouse, PA: Anywhere