Coaching and Mentoring

“I feel like I’ve lost sight of why I started this business”

“Things I have done for years are just not working as well as they did

“I can’t seem to get through to my staff why this matters”

If these are the type of thoughts keeping you awake at night, and not just on “Frantic Fridays”, you might find it helpful to work with a qualified and experienced business performance coach or mentor. There are times when having an objective view of your business can provide clarity, enabling you to take the steps required to re-energise your enterprise. The right support can help you:

1. Identify key issues, re-ignite your passion, prioritise actions- then act!

2. Analyse and test your assumptions, to avoid the need to cross your fingers

3. Look at different sides of a problem, to find a better solution

4. Evaluate your client base, and decide on how it matches your products or services

5. Consider if your current client base will be the right one for your future

6. Re-motivate your team through better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses

7. Actively improve your communications, both internally and with clients and prospects

8. Deal with change through planning, adjustments and involvement of your team

9. Find innovative ways to save money on overheads

10. Measure and monitor your progress as you go, inspiring yourself and your team with your sense of achievement.

Dianne Edgar holds a Diploma in Performance Coaching  from Newcastle College of Further Education, as well as more than 20 years’ experience running her own marketing and training business. She studies the issues, provides a sounding board, and helps ensure that what is agreed to be done is in fact done. Here’s what some of her coaching and mentoring clients have to say:

“I just wanted to say a big thank you to you, for all your help, you have always been very kind with your time and generous with the information you give me and Faiza.”  SF, Reading

“Her head is in the business world, and her heart is in the third sector! Dianne helped us to recognise we had different target markets, increased cost effectiveness, Dianne used her knowledge and experience to help individual team members understand their own working styles, and how to work more effectively with their colleagues.”  VT, Dorset

“I have worked with Dianne for nearly five years and find her experience and advice so useful to keep me focused on what is important in my business. Dianne uses her wealth of experience to explain to me what she would do in my situation and more often than not, has an example where she was in a similar situation herself and how she overcame it. With her advice on board she allows me to make my own mind up and has been thoroughly supportive throughout the evolution of my business.”  HH, Bournemouth